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Subaru Legacy RS Group A

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I’m by no means an expert on Subaru’s early days in the WRC. What I do know for sure is that this Legacy RS is fantastic.


I’d love to take this thing out in the snow.

Photo courtesy of Neil Sutton Photography.


Days Gone By

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I communicate pretty regularly with a number of veteran Subaru owners – guys who have been in the game for upwards of a decade. One thing we all seem to agree on is that the community is dead. It’s a harsh statement but one that’s undeniably true. I base my views primarily on the parts market or lack thereof. It’s become harder than ever to buy new parts for the various iterations of the Impreza, especially the GC and GD. If you’re trying to do the JDM thing, good luck.


As more Japanese companies pull out of the US, it’s a grim reminder that people have moved into other cars or out of the community entirely. The BRZ was a nice blip on the radar, especially for those seeking more aggressive wheel options for the unrelenting 5×100 bolt pattern. However the BRZ has in no way captured the market or the interests of Subaru aficionados, quite the same way the FR-S has.

The Impreza has become dated and with Subaru out of the WRC, it’s tuned variants are becoming increasingly irrelevant in this new era of paddle-shifters and energy recovery systems. Someday we can only hope that the Impreza will share a similar affinity to classics like the Hakosuka and S30 Z. In the meantime, I only see the car’s popularity dwindling.


It’s a grim outlook, but in many ways an optimistic one because I still love my WRX as much as I did the day I got it in 2005. It’s a car that’s gotten so far under my skin that I may never be able to part ways with it. In the meantime there are still exciting Imprezas out there – granted their harder to find, but they still exist. There’s also the exciting news of the WRX Concept and Subaru’s desire to continually produce AWD rally-inspired cars. Maybe someday we’ll see a return to the Impreza’s former glory in the WRC. For now we hold onto the memories.


McRae ’01

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I’ve been looking at lots of old Subaru rally photos the last few days. I remember how everyone hated the GDA when it first came out. How times have changed.


I need one of those Prodrive front bumpers.

McRae ’97

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The good old days.

Know Your Roots

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Nothing else need be said.

Friday Videos

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Been spending most of the day getting ready for my trip Sunday and relaxing. My friend Mike sent me a couple cool videos that are worth sharing.

To start things off, a little rehash from the 555 Impreza video the other day. Colin McRae in-car doing what he does best. I think it’s safe to say that McRae is one of the top 10 drivers of any motorsport, ever.

I’ve gained a lot more respect for Porsche after watching this one. I love it when a car can get dirty off the track; you don’t see Ferrari’s jumping hills in gravel. Turn the speakers up for this one.

This video has been floating around the internet all week, but I wanted to share it as well. Honda guys do it bigger and better than anyone else in the import scene. This video from BOWLS LA features some cool music and nice editing. They also filmed it with the Canon HV30 which I’m all too familiar with after using them on TRAkTION.

Impreza 555

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The video, car, and driver (Colin McRae) are all amazing on so many levels. Why don’t all Imprezas come with anti-lag standard?!


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