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Subaru Legacy RS Group A

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I’m by no means an expert on Subaru’s early days in the WRC. What I do know for sure is that this Legacy RS is fantastic.


I’d love to take this thing out in the snow.

Photo courtesy of Neil Sutton Photography.


Subaru’s Unicorn: The 22B

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Hey Subaru, how about doing us all a favor and building a few thousand more?

Not only is the 22B the best Subaru ever made, it’s one of the best cars ever made, ask any real petrol head and they’ll tell you the same.

A WRC car for the road and with only 400 units produced, it’s the definition of exclusivity. There’s at least one of these in the dream garage I stroll through before falling asleep at night…

Video courtesy of Subaru.

Discowagon’s Timeless STI

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Who’s completely over SEMA this week? Lets get back to reality with a very clean STI on this Throwback Thursday.




The car owned by Discowagon, is yet another fine example of sticking to a formula that works. The Prodrive wheels and Varis lip are a perfect fit.




Cars like this will never go out of style.

Photos courtesy of luis3rd.

Euro-Style Bugeye

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The Europeans have always been known for their unique approach to modifying Subarus. While Americans were obsessed with everything JDM, the European’s interests lied in rallying – the Impreza’s roots. The rally style has become synonymous with European-built Subarus and it’s one of my favorite approaches to modifying the car.


While this particular GDA isn’t European, it certainly looks the part. Prodrive used to run the SWRT and they’re well represented throughout this car. Really nice build and a style that I wish we saw more of today.

Photo courtesy of iNfEk.

Simplicity Is Beauty

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Gus Dizon’s WRX is no stranger to this blog and has been spotted on more than one occasion. What I’ve always loved about this car was its simplicity.


While many aim to build the ultimate weekend warrior, Gus’ WRX is the car you’d want to drive everyday.


So many GDA owners strive to mimic the appearance of a JDM STi (myself included), however this is a WRX that’s comfortable in its own skin. It’s not trying too hard, it’s playing to its strengths.


The looks are aggressive, but in a more sensible way. Rather than bottoming out the suspension and running massive amounts of camber, Gus’ WRX maintains drivability. The subtle hints are still  there with Brembo brakes and meaty tires.


It wasn’t so long ago that automotive journalists panned the GDA for it’s looks. Opinions have shifted in more recent years and like a fine wine, the Bugeye has gotten better with age. Projector headlights should’ve come as standard on every GDA.


I was disappointed to hear that Gus decided to sell his WRX recently and hopefully it’s gone to a good home.

Some readers may wonder why I put such an emphasis on featuring daily driven Subarus and builds that weren’t created to grace the covers of tuning magazines. The reason is pretty simple: it’s about educating the current generation of Subaru owners on how the community has evolved. Hopefully some will use cars like Gus’ as inspiration for their own builds.

Photos courtesy of Gus Dizon.

Frayz’s V7 STi

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UK Impreza owners have always had a special eye for tuning. The popularity of rallying and motor sports in general has had a heavy influence on the way they style their cars. It’s an approach I wish we saw more of in the US.

Frayz’s V7 STi has been around for as long as I can remember and the car has gone through a pretty extensive rebuild in the last couple of years. I’d recommend checking out his build thread if you have time.


The execution of this Impreza is something pretty special. No aspect of the car has been left untouched and the attention to detail immense. In many respects the car alludes to some of the special edition Impreza models we’ve seen from shops like Prodrive.



While many criticize the organized chaos that is a Suabru engine bay, there is beauty to be found here. The careful color coordination and selection of only the finest parts speaks to this car’s purpose of blending high performance with ultimate streetability.


The same philosophy holds true in the interior.

Anyone can build a car that looks great sitting in their garage. It’s a different story entirely to build something that not only looks great but can also take whatever abuse its owner throws at it.

Photos courtesy of Frayz.

McRae ’01

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I’ve been looking at lots of old Subaru rally photos the last few days. I remember how everyone hated the GDA when it first came out. How times have changed.


I need one of those Prodrive front bumpers.

McRae ’97

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The good old days.

Alive & Well

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen the Auto Produce BOSS Impreza.

The BOSS Impreza is one of my favorites and it’s good to see it on the track still. It’s crazy how so many of these demo cars from Japan just fall off the face of the earth, never to be seen again.

Apologies for the lack of updates but I’ve been spending the last couple of days making my way to Hong Kong. I’ll be doing my best to keep the blog updated from abroad however.

Photo courtesy of Varis.

A Perfect Match

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No brand has become more synonymous with Subaru than Prodrive. The firm started its close relationship with the auto manufacturer in 1990, when they formed the Subaru World Rally Team. Since then numerous race inspired products have found their way onto road cars. The OEM-like attention to detail, quality and fitment has made Prodrive a very popular brand among Subaru owners.

Despite being UK-based, the brand has always had a strong foothold in the US and Japan. Over the years, it’s become increasingly difficult to source their products. Their WRC front bumper is one of many highly sought after pieces that people are lining up to pay a premium for.

Prodrive also produces some of the best looking and most underrated wheel designs on the market and I’d love to see more Subarus using them.



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