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Alfa Romeo Sprint GTA

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More Alfa love this Friday morning. In more civilized countries than our own, public roads can be used for all sorts of motor sports, including tarmac rallying. The Alfa Sprint GTA was intended for just such a thing.


The GTA is the racing version of Alfa Romeo’s iconic Giulia, which you’ll find more of here.

Alfas haven’t been sold in the US for quite some time but that will soon change with the much anticipated 4C and the new Spyder – which will probably end up being the best looking roadster of the last 20 years. In the meantime, it’s tough to beat the Bertone styled GTA, especially when it’s been prepped for racing.

Photo courtesy of Matteo Stucchi.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

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Imagine if the United States where just as crazy about Italian cars as we are about Japanese and German cars…

What if we were able to import old Alfas and Lancias the same way we do BMWs, Nissans and Toyotas? Then imagine what an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT would look like modified in accordance to the current trends. It might look something like this and my god it’s good.


I wish I knew the artist who created this render because I’d love to see some of their other work.

This lowered, caged Alfa Giulia on Work Equips is a thing of beauty. Now imagine it red with gold wheels! We’ve got it pretty good in terms of variety and availability in the US, but one area where we’ve always lacked is with Italian cars. Sure they’re notoriously unreliable, but with today’s modern suspension kits, the relative ease of doing engine swaps and retrofits, many of the issues that once plagued these classics would be no more.

I’d put this beautiful, Bertone designed Alfa up against some of the very best looking Japanese and German offerings.

Subaru Legacy RS Group A

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I’m by no means an expert on Subaru’s early days in the WRC. What I do know for sure is that this Legacy RS is fantastic.


I’d love to take this thing out in the snow.

Photo courtesy of Neil Sutton Photography.


Subaru’s Unicorn: The 22B

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Hey Subaru, how about doing us all a favor and building a few thousand more?

Not only is the 22B the best Subaru ever made, it’s one of the best cars ever made, ask any real petrol head and they’ll tell you the same.

A WRC car for the road and with only 400 units produced, it’s the definition of exclusivity. There’s at least one of these in the dream garage I stroll through before falling asleep at night…

Video courtesy of Subaru.

Euro-Style Bugeye

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The Europeans have always been known for their unique approach to modifying Subarus. While Americans were obsessed with everything JDM, the European’s interests lied in rallying – the Impreza’s roots. The rally style has become synonymous with European-built Subarus and it’s one of my favorite approaches to modifying the car.


While this particular GDA isn’t European, it certainly looks the part. Prodrive used to run the SWRT and they’re well represented throughout this car. Really nice build and a style that I wish we saw more of today.

Photo courtesy of iNfEk.

Subaru WRC2007 Engine

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How do you get a Subaru rally car through every terrain imaginable?


It’s a start.

Frayz’s V7 STi

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UK Impreza owners have always had a special eye for tuning. The popularity of rallying and motor sports in general has had a heavy influence on the way they style their cars. It’s an approach I wish we saw more of in the US.

Frayz’s V7 STi has been around for as long as I can remember and the car has gone through a pretty extensive rebuild in the last couple of years. I’d recommend checking out his build thread if you have time.


The execution of this Impreza is something pretty special. No aspect of the car has been left untouched and the attention to detail immense. In many respects the car alludes to some of the special edition Impreza models we’ve seen from shops like Prodrive.



While many criticize the organized chaos that is a Suabru engine bay, there is beauty to be found here. The careful color coordination and selection of only the finest parts speaks to this car’s purpose of blending high performance with ultimate streetability.


The same philosophy holds true in the interior.

Anyone can build a car that looks great sitting in their garage. It’s a different story entirely to build something that not only looks great but can also take whatever abuse its owner throws at it.

Photos courtesy of Frayz.

McRae ’01

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I’ve been looking at lots of old Subaru rally photos the last few days. I remember how everyone hated the GDA when it first came out. How times have changed.


I need one of those Prodrive front bumpers.

McRae ’97

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The good old days.

The 22B

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What is it about the Subaru Impreza 22B that makes it so special?

What the F40 is to Ferrari and the DB5 is to Aston Martin, the 22B is to Subaru; it’s the embodiment of a brand. Never has there been another Subaru held in such high esteem. It’s a handsome brute, a car that looks more at home amongst the trees than in the civilized world, with which it was intended.

At the heart of the 22B is Subaru’s EJ22, considered by many to be the brand’s greatest engine. The high strung flat-4 has been lusted after by many, myself included. It’s the perfect power plant for a car that more closely resembles its WRC counterpart than any Impreza since.

The car was built to celebrate Subaru’s 30th Anniversary and 3rd Constructor’s Title in the WRC. Only 400 units were produced and completely sold out in 30 minutes. As a collector’s car, it joins only a handful of the very best Japan has to offer.

What really makes the 22B so special are its looks. The Peter Stevens inspired body is utterly timeless and the car looks just as good today as it did 15 years ago.

For me it represents everything Subaru owners love about the brand; the WRB paint (the first road car to use it), the painfully flashy gold wheels and that massive STi rear wing. Sure you’ll look 16 behind the wheel and suffer from the disapproving stares of your fellow motorists but isn’t that the point? What defines a car for me is how big of a smile it puts on my face. Too often we see people buy cars for the sole purpose of fitting in. Just look at the direction the tuning industry is moving in… and all the hybrids populating the streets. People are no longer driving cars for themselves.

The 22B has presence. Behind the wheel, you’re diving a piece of rallying, dare I say automotive history. Were one to turn up at Cars & Coffee it would proudly join the company of the European elite. I had the rare opportunity of seeing one in the flesh while in Japan a few years ago. It was a biblical experience and (as always) looked even better in person. The 22B represents why I love cars and will always be a piece of automotive perfection.


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