I’ve been in a Lamborghini mood this evening and I thought I’d share some videos I found on YouTube.

Let’s start things off with the brand new Murcielago SV, “the fastest Lamborghini ever built.” Formula D driver, Samuel Hubinette shot this promo in Hamburg, Germany, just a week after Lamborghini premiered the car at the Geneva Auto Show. I love all the Reventon-inspired styling on the new SV, it just looks so radical.

Moving right along to the only show that matters, Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson’s review of the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, from series 10. Clarkson ended up buying his own because he loved the car so much and I believe it was the same color scheme as the one he drives in his review. The Gallardo Spyder is easily my favorite convertible and probably the only one I’d ever actually spend money on aside from the Mazda Miata.

The Lamborghini company promo for the Gallardo LP560, shot in Los Angeles. They premiered the video at their booth at the LA Auto Show, last November. Nothing better than closed city streets, stunt drivers, and Hollywood film quality, to make this video stand out.

Last but not least, some of Lamborghini’s racing heritage. The Murcielago RGT is one of the most menacing sounding cars ever produced, turn up the volume for this one!


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