What A Shame

I spent the better part of yesterday at Angeles Stadium watching D1GP USA and what a complete disappointment it was. It was more of a drift showcase than an actual competition. Only 4 drivers came from Japan; Team Orange’s Kumakubo and Tanaka, T&E owner Takahiro Ueno, and last year’s D1GP champion Daigo Saito. The utter confusion of the event was a complete insult to the Japanese drivers. The competition got off to a late start due to a Gumball 3000 parade on the track, then the rest of the event was plagued with technical difficulties, disorganization, and a complete douche bag of an announcer, Will Mattox, who would have been more qualified to sweep debris off the track. I spoke with a few different industry people about the event and all of them agreed that it was a bust. Due to the weak economy and the growing popularity of Formula D in the US, it was apparent this event had taken some major shortcuts to save money. Even the track layout had been changed with 2 less turns than the original map on the website. Outside the track was a barrage of lame vendor booths, overpriced food, and whack ass models. The final disappointment of the day was when the event staff canceled open pits because they were over an hour behind schedule. It would have been nice to get some pictures of the cars and possible meet some of the drivers. This is just another example of one of those instances that makes me embarrassed to be an American. The fact that we use the D1GP name to promote a shit event that has nothing to do with actual competition, is a real shame and an insult to the drivers who came all the way here. C’mon guys, I think we can do a lot better than this.


The only picture I took worth looking at, THE MAN, Kumakubo in the Team Orange GC8 Impreza.


One comment

  1. haha, pro drifting has too much politics involved to be any good to anyone anymore. oh well.

    i’ll still go to d1gp chicago :p

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