What Am I Reading?

I think everyone with a computer has their “internet routine” of the sites they visit everyday. I have an internet routine as well as a blog routine. There are so many blogs out there now that it’s tough to keep up with all of them. Some of the blogs are great and some are not so great. There’s a few things I look for when reading a good blog. The main thing is great photos. Anyone can go onto Google image search and find pictures and slap them onto a WordPress account. I like when people find the highest quality images available and size them accordingly (nothing’s worse then an unwanted image crop). The other really important thing I look for is great write ups. I like reading peoples’ opinions, especially when it comes to cars. Anyone can post a boring title and image to accompany it, but who can actually talk shop? Detailed write ups are informative and amusing and it’s what keeps me coming back to blogs everyday. Here’s some of the automotive blogs I visit daily, my inspirations.



This is THE BLOG as far as I’m concerned. I started reading Jay Bryan’s posts way back when he was on Fatlace. I’ve been around for all the revisions of what is now and has become JDM EGO. Jay is someone that’s really passionate about all things JDM. He’s not afraid to state his opinions on when something is dope and when it’s totally whack. I love the pictures on JDM EGO, not because they’re so high quality but because they’re so damn hard to find. Jay is always digging up stuff on the internet I wouldn’t find after days of searching. JDM EGO is the reason I started my first blog Pacific Style and why I’m still evolving A Class today.



Renee Ruth is the man. I’m sure if he lived in California we’d be rolling to Subaru meets all the time. Renee has been doing Tiger-Life for some time now and I’d definitely consider it to be one of the original Subaru-related blogs. Renee is passionate about doing things right or not doing them at all and that’s why I always come back to his blog. Between cutting a new record and being a student, Renee hasn’t been able to update the blog much but it nevertheless remains one of my favorites on the daily.

Jon Sibal


Comic book artist and automotive enthusiast, a winning combination in my opinion. One of the things I love about reading Jon’s blog is the constant updates. Jon also has the scoop on some really really cool cars that most of us have never even heard of. His site has a great format with links to his artwork which I think is a nice touch.

Build Threads


What a brilliant idea for a blog. Comb all the car forums, take all the best on-going project threads, and compile them into one blog. I could seriously spend hours and hours reading Build Threads. The cars on here are all top notch and the write-ups are on par. This site reminds me more of a magazine than a blog and I think that’s great. I’ve also got to thank the site for the A Class shout out.

Mark Arcenal


Fatlace’s Mark Arcenal is kind of like a modern-day Reniassance Man. He’s pretty much dabbled in everything and somehow does it bigger than anyone else could hope to. Mark is one of those guys who’s life is worth reading about. He’s constantly got great car builds going on in his garage, he’s taking his store Fatlace to the next level, and he’s not a bad drifter from what I hear. Mark is definitely one of those people that keeps me motivated as a designer, car enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

A Class has been getting a lot of support lately and I can’t thank everyone enough. The blog is getting ready to celebrate it’s one year anniversary in the next couple months and I couldn’t be happier with the amount of support and readership it’s been getting. Here are a couple of the blogs that I need to return the favor to.

Dsalni’s Blog


Camber & Toe


Both are cool blogs and I’ll definitely be checking up on them in the future. This is a pretty small dosage of what I actually read on the daily. These blogs just stand out to me the most. If you’re a reader or blogger and have more to check out, the comments are always open.



  1. Whooaaa!!
    Thanks for the kind words! Good to see Sibal and Arcenal are also in your daily routine. Both are close friends. And as for Dennis and Renee I feel like they are also good friends. I have spoken to both over emails and Dennis has done some beautiful work for me and my Girlfriend. Your daily blog routine is basically my blog checking routine LOL!.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. appreciate it jay. i cant wait to see marks titan-powered s14 once the swap is complete. i know that thing is going to be nuts! so is the gtr officially sold? shoot me an e-mail if you have time and maybe we can discuss. take care!

  2. damn im late to the party !

    Thanks for the shout out Chris, your blog is def a daily read for me too, same with Jay’s lol. If i was on the west coast we’d be hanging out on the regular for sure

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