Subaru Gauge Clusters

I’m obsessed with gauge clusters. I think they’re one of the coolest aspects of any car’s interior. Whenever I sit in a new car, I always examine the appearance and function of the gauge cluster. For Subaru guys there’s all kinds of different options, but most STi owners tend to stick with the OEM cluster which is designed by Defi. The OEM STi cluster is really cool and it mimics the appearance of the amber Defi BF gauges, all the way down to the start-up procedure. Unfortunately, us WRX owners don’t have the STi cluster in our cars and if we want to do a swap, it has to be an STi cluster from the 04 model only, which can be hard to find (and expensive). There’s no need to be disappointed though because there are quite a few options out there for GC and GD WRX owners looking to upgrade their gauge clusters. Keep in mind these options will probably be as expensive or more so than the OEM STi cluster, they’re also a lot harder to find, but you’ll get major props at the local meets and shows.

JDM STi Speedometer/Tachometer


This gauge pack swaps directly into the GC/GF cluster housing. For me white gauge faces are the ultimate, the true racing-inspired look. I love the white gauges on the Silvia S15 and these remind me so much of those, especially with the brushed aluminum trim that goes on top of them. Another cool feature about the JDM STi tachometer is the 8000 redline. I’ve seen all kinds of “wanted threads” on the Subaru forums for this speedometer/tachometer assembly. This is one of the harder sets to find and you’ll definitely pay a premium.

JDM STi Cluster


This is one of the more common of the uncommon gauge clusters for the GD WRX. This is the same cluster found in the original Spec C and the S202. I really like this cluster mainly because it swaps the speedometer and tachometer positions. I like to have my tach front and center when driving and that’s a feature the OEM WRX cluster doesn’t have. The JDM STi cluster also readlines to 8000 and features thermometer and shift light. I really like how this cluster also retains the green backlighting so it matches the WRX’s center console.

Syms Cluster


This cluster is the rarest of the rare in JDM gauge clusters for the Subaru. I’ve never seen anyone but the Syms demo car run this cluster before. As far as I can tell this gauge cluster retains all the same features as the JDM STi cluster minus the “STi” at the bottom of the tachometer and yellow needles instead of red ones on the gauges. This cluster also has green backlighting to match the OEM WRX interior. This is probably the most similar to the OEM WRX cluster of all the options out there, it’s the perfect option if you want to keep the same looks but have a center positioned tach.

Zero/Sports Cluster


This is my personal favorite of all the JDM cluster options for the WRX. I’m a JDM parts geek and I love Zero/Sports products so to me this is the one to have if you’re willing to trade off mph for kph. The Zero/Sports gauge cluster is pretty much identical to the JDM STi cluster aside from the “Zero/Sports” logo at the bottom of the tach. The funny thing about this cluster is that I’ve never seen it in a Zero/Sports demo car. The time attack cars they’ve been running for years have always featured a custom Defi assembly. I never understood why Zero/Sports produced this cluster but it’s cool nevertheless.



    1. apparently the shape of the plug on the 05+ doesnt fit into the outlet on the wrx. you should get a stack and then ill rock your cluster until i can get a stack! 🙂

  1. Great post. Big interior modding fan as well. Picked up a Zero Sports cluster for my bugeye while in Japan a few years ago. One of my favorite mods, for sure. Keep up the great work!

  2. I don’t even remember…like $400 from SuperAutobacs? Worth every penny even when I got detained @JFK when they thought it was a bomb and had to explain why it was so special. lol

  3. Guten Tag
    Ich habe eben einige frage über Japanischen Tacho-meter SUBARU WRX STI 06. Meine frage an wass muss ich beachten wenn ich umbau von Jp Tacho STI auf Eu. STI 02 Tacho achten muss?.

    1. sorry i dont speak german, but if you’re asking if an 02 sti cluster will work on an 06, it most likely will not. i believe the 06 uses a different outlet for the plugs.

  4. Hey, so do you know exactly which Sti model the 10K RPM cluster is from?
    I thought the s202 spec c’s came with the blue background cluster…

    1. Those are the Prodrive version gauge clusters, and they still illuminate green from my understanding.

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