Racing Gauge Clusters

A couple days ago I discussed some of the gauge cluster options for the Subaru Impreza GC/GF and GD models. The selection of clusters discussed represent the highest quality (and rarest) in OEM and aftermarket analog clusters. Right now I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss some of the other options out there. For those of you looking to build a track car or have the desire to own the highest and most accurate in digital technology on the market, these clusters remain in their own league.

MoTeC Sport Dash Logger


MoTeC is probably best known for their engine management systems but the SDL has been a fixture in the professional racing community for quite some time. The SDL features 8mb of memory for data logging at anytime. The display comes configured for both N/A and turbocharged cars. What I like about the SDL is the size of the screen. It’s the largest on the market for it’s category and keeps everything you need to see, front and center.

Defi Super Sports Cluster


Once they make a US-spec of the Defi SSC I’m sure we’ll be seeing them pop up in all sorts of cars. The SSC comes with an analog tachometer and your choice of an additional gauge built into the cluster. A boost gauge is the default option but the digital display beneath the tach gives you all the information you’ll ever need. There’s a few things a love about this cluster. First off it’s SD compatible which gives you the option of choosing how much data storage you’d like. This is also the most streetable of all the high end digital dash displays, complete with a high beam indicator, blinkers, and a check engine light. I think the lack of these options is what keeps most enthusiasts from taking the plunge with a full digital setup, but now there’s no need to hold back. The SSC also syncs directly to the standard Defi control unit as well as logs lap times and driving figures.



The granddaddy of all digital displays, the STACK ST8130. To me this is the most popular in both track and street cars. The clean and simple unit uses an analog tachometer combined with a digital display that replaces every gauge in your car. The ST8130 is specially designed for turbo cars with a built in boost gauge and you can have your option of black or white finish. Unfortunately it’s not SD compatible and I find the screen to be a tad small. All in all I’d say that all three are your best options on the market if you’re looking to build a race car or give your street car (Subaru) that track feel.


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