It’s Been A Minute

Been super busy over the last week. My good friend and I started an automotive detailing service, check us out at Technica Detail. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon on Friday cleaning my filthy engine bay. I can’t remember when I last cleaned it but it’s been over 3 years for sure.


It was pretty disgusting under there. Tons of grease and grim covering just about everything. I think Subaru engine bays are pretty ugly looking when they’re fresh from the factory but mine definitely takes it to a new level.


After a good scrubbing and a bit of metal polish, this was the end result. I think if we took out some parts like the intercooler piping, intake, and battery we could get it even more pristine but I’m really happy with how it turned out. For whatever reason, my car always feels faster when it’s clean. I’m going to be discussing Technica Detail’s projects a lot more here on A Class. We spent all day Saturday doing a 350Z, more on that to come.


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