More Top Gear Live & Fifth Gear Canceled?


Came across this pretty cool digital rendering. Reminds me of the old school Drew Struzan movie posters for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, except for Top Gear’s race across Japan. Anyway, the world’s number one show should be making a return next month with all new episodes in HD! It’s about time the BBC started broadcasting the show in high-definition. The guys are also taking their popular Top Gear Live show on tour again which I can’t seem to understand. I think last series severely lacked it’s usual excitement because of all the money and time they spent doing Top Gear Live. Since it doesn’t come to America, I say screw the tour and bring the show back to it’s usual standards. On the other side of the spectrum, Top Gear’s rival, Fifth Gear has been canceled. There’s no word on why, but I can guess it had to do with the show’s slowing popularity and the obvious similarities to it’s counterpart.


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