Bozz Speed Impreza


One of my favorite things to talk about on A Class are time attack cars. The Bozz Speed Impreza used to be the second fastest car at Tsukaba in it’s class with a 58.479 lap time. The modified Spec C with a 2.5L motor, forged pistons, Prodrive transmission, and HKS 3037 turbo is pushing over 550 hp. This car was sold to a private owner a while back and that’s why we haven’t seen it compete in some time. The front end on this car was pretty insane for it’s time and I’m really digging the huge air vent on the hood, revealing all of that polished intercooler piping. This is one of my favorite Imprezas to compete at Tsukaba, just simple and straight to the point.



  1. for the 2.0 yes, for the 2.5 no. i’m using a twin scroll borg warner s300sx with the .91 a/r. basically 35r internals in a t4 housing.

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