Sick, Again

Got sick again yesterday, not too happy about that. I was cooped up in the house most of the day sneezing and feeling miserable. Being sick did have its advantages though. I was able to watch game 2 of the World Series, some NBA on TNT, and I really got to tear into Forza 3. I know everyone has been drooling all over this game, but it’s really THAT good. I think Turn 10 is finally starting to understand what the fans want and what to leave out of the game. The menus are clean and sleek and the graphics definitely set the bar for everything to follow. I’ve been pretty immersed in the game, trying to rack up some credits so I can go shopping for new cars. Right now I’m dominating in a 2005 Subaru STi. Tomorrow I think I’m going to pose JDM EGO and post some pictures of all my cars on the game! In the meantime, I need some sleep so I can kick this cold!

Oh yea, what’s up with the lame wheel selection on Forza 3? Rota?!?! C’mon now! How come there’s only 2 choices of Advan or Volk wheels? Do you have to unlock more designs or something? That’s definitely my biggest complaint about Forza 3.


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