Forza 3 Is Great, Kinda


It’s safe to say that I’m addicted to Forza Motorsport 3. I’ve been playing it every spare minute since I picked it up last week. The game is definitely groundbreaking as far as graphics and driving physics are concerned. The new menu and “season” single player mode are really welcome additions to a formula that was getting stale by the second version of the game. I do have my complaints about Forza 3. The main thing that’s bugging me is the lame wheel selection. For a game that welcomes players to customize their vehicle you’d think they’d try and step it up on their end and offer as many aftermarket tuning options as possible. In Forza 2, Volk wheels featured a wide selection of their most popular designs. In Forza 3, Volk has limited their lineup to just 2 wheel designs. Volk is just one example of many brands in the game that have slacked off their offerings. Usually this kind of thing happens when the game developers haven’t taken the necessary steps to licensing brands featured in their games. Another disappointment in Forza 3 is the lack of many cars that were offered in the previous version of the game. Forza has taken the time to add a lot of American cars and SUV’s but they’ve skimped out on some of the special edition and collector cars that were highly sought after gems in the previous versions. I’m also very disappointed to report that the road going version of the Nissan GTR is not featured in Forza 3. I’m sure the fact that the GTR is Sony’s flagship car for Gran Turismo 5 is part of the reason it doesn’t make an appearance in Forza 3. I can’t stress enough that I really do love this game but I can’t help but sit there while playing and ask myself “why”. Why aren’t there more cars offered? Some people like myself would really like to modify and race a 2002 JDM Subaru STi. Why aren’t there more tracks? Forza 3 offers more tracks than the previous versions but it’s still not enough. I can only race Mugello so many times before I get bored. If I worked at Turn 10 I’d really put an emphasis on seeking out the lesser-known tracks throughout Europe and Asia. There’s all kinds of interesting, real-world tracks out there at the disposal of the developers. Why doesn’t the driver’s hand move off the steering wheel when I shift gears in “in-car” view? It’s all about the little details to me and I don’t think it would have been that hard to write some extra code for a very simple onscreen animation. Forza 3 prides itself on being as “real” as possible, well let’s start at the basics, the shifter doesn’t operate by magic.



  1. I’m waiting for a game with circuits like Okayama, Central, and Sendai Highland. Spa is also one of my favs from the GTR series. Valencia, Infineon, Monte Carlo…geez I could go on and on. They’ve got Holden represented but none of the Australian tracks? The Ferrari Fiorano test track would be awsome.

  2. I agree with you on the shifting part, have you played NFS shift and Dirt 2? those games killed Forza 3 in terms of interior details…hell even GRiD achieved more on the interior part, and that game was released almost 2 years ago….and yes the rims choices, it sucked!

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