Not So Bad


I’ve never really been a fan of INGS body kits. They’re one of those companies that’s kind of stuck in the late 90’s and never really evolved with the trends. These days people seek something clean and tasteful, something that doesn’t get in your face and stays subtle in the background. My favorite kinds of body kits are the ones that only car enthusiasts recognize. To the untrained eye, they’re just the OEM styling. Vertex, for example, has always done a nice job of keeping things subtle. I was browsing NASIOC and came across this STi fitting with the INGS kit for the 06/07 model. I must say at first glance I had to assure myself that this was a kit produced by INGS. Granted, it’s the back of the car, but with proper wheel fitment and stance, that kit, on this car looks great! Well done to the owner of this STi!


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