Some Heavy Hitters

A selection of aggressive fitment gathered over the last couple days.


The “Z” crew never ceases to amaze. This S40 Z is sitting pretty.


Flashback 90’s aggressive fitment with some camber to boot. I love the boxy angles of Mercedes-Benz from the 90’s, the true DTM/VIP high roller.


This candy has already been on all the blogs, Speedhuters, Hellaflush, etc. Here’s another picture I found. Looks just about perfect.


Not to show up the previous S2000 but check this steez! I think if a decision needed to be made, I’d side with yellow. The amount of test fitting and knowhow to achieve the perfect blend of lip, offset, and negative camber (especially on the front) is hard to ignore. Well done to this week’s heavy hitters!


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