Everyone is starting to get really excited about the Toyota FT86, myself included. I predict it will be the new “car to have” in the import scene once it’s released in 2010/11. Well there has been all kinds of talk that the FT86 was developed as a joint project between Toyota and Subaru and that Subaru would be releasing their own version of the 086A chassis. I was reading 7tune earlier today and it has been officially confirmed that Subaru is going to release their own version of the FT86, simply titled the 216A. It has also been confirmed that it will come with AWD and a turbocharged EJ20, the same power plant as the JDM STi. Here’s some concepts of what the road-going version will look like.



I think it looks like a baby Lexus LF-A and that’s a good thing, it’s sexy as hell. I’m already picturing OEM STi front lips, aggressive-fitting wheels, and N1 style exhausts for this car. I think it’s going to really fill up that void in the market for affordable turbocharged coupes, now if Nissan would just get it together and do a new Silvia. Check out the 7tune article here.



  1. 216a leaves much to be desired in the looks dept. in my opinion. i’d also take the ft-86 over it. BUT if they come with the 207 in America I’ll be very happy because that means more longblocks available for me ;] assuming the ft and 216 come with 6 speeds and r180’s, i can see ft’s with 207 and 257 swaps and 216’s with rwd conversions.

    i just hope subaru didn’t engineer the damn thing to be all front heavy and understeery like the imprezas :T

    1. as far as i know, toyota did most of the chassis. the 216a weighs more than the ft86, mainly cause of the awd system. ive heard rumors that the subaru version will come in rwd as well, but who knows. theres things i would tweak about the looks but overall i think its a pretty sharp looking car, i mean compared to the current impreza grb?! with a v-limited style lip, some ce28ns, and a rear diffuser this thing would be pretty mean on the streets. 🙂

  2. There is also nothing “confirmed” about this story… total speculation from notoriously unreliable BestCar magazine. If it happens it happens. But don’t put much credence in this story. Australia’s Subaru director says it will be mid 2010 before any real news is expected on the Subie version.

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