I got in the Subaru game around 2004, which is pretty late considering the bugeye came around 2 years before that. When I first started posting on NASIOC, Subaru’s were the shit. Everyone was driving WRX’s because they were the cheaper, just as capable version of the (then) Evo VIII. There were so many dope cars on the forums and most of them were bugeyes. These days its pretty hard to find nice bugeye WRX’s. A lot of the original members of the community have moved on to bigger, better, and faster cars. BurtonCR’s WRX is one of my favorites from back in the day. It just looked so mean with that rare Zero/Sports body kit and those gold Advans. I wish more people were building bugeyes, but it’s just so expensive compared to buying an STi which already has everything you need. I think I definitely need to keep the trend alive with my car.


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  1. I love bugeyes! They are not that beautiful, I mean if you look at them in a design standpoint. But there’s something about them that makes em look so dope. Subarus are a little understeer-ey though.

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