Turbo Down Under

I love unique turbo setups on any car. I was checking out NASIOC today and came across tino’s build thread for his GT40R-powered STi from Australia. This thing has always been really impressive and tino has been careful to select ONLY the best part for his build.


Initially tino ran a rotated turbo setup like everyone else but then he decided that it wasn’t working for him and he went with a fully custom creation.


It only makes perfect sense to mount the turbo underneath the block, right where the headers are. Doing this completely eliminates the uppipe and shortens the downpipe by a lot. Keeping the turbo down below also allows for shorter intercooler piping for a quicker spool and more response. With a turbo like a 40R, you need all the response you can get because it’s a big snail to get spooling.


The custom headers and exhaust piping are a thing of beauty. The duel 44mm wastegate setup probably screams at WOT. It’s kind of a shame all this craftsmanship has to remain hidden under the block, but in the quest for power, it’s only a small sacrifice. I’m personally really surprised you can even fit a 40R under the block on a Subaru. The subframe comes within inches of the headers already, so I’m sure some modification to the chassis was done. The engine hasn’t been dropped into the car yet, it should be happening Monday or Tuesday. I’ll be keeping everyone posted with this insane build. Here’s the thread on NASIOC if you guys are interested in taking a further look.


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