HKS Racing BOV


Before I say anything, let me just make it clear that in some regards I’m a total ricer, especially when it comes to blow off valves. I’ve known about the HKS Racing BOV for ages but I’ve never met anyone that had it on their car and I have no idea what it sounds like. I was just wondering if any of you guys could fill me in or link me to some videos? I always hear this very unique sounding BOV on all the Japanese drift cars, like Orido’s Ridox Supra and NOB’s HKS Aristo. It sounds like a fluttering turkey call or something. I was just wondering if that’s the HKS Racing BOV? Everyone in Japan uses primarily HKS parts so I would only assume. I’ve searched YouTube a number of times and not found any videos for it. Today I was looking on HKS’ website and I found this new page called HKS TV. It’s got lots of cool videos of their parts and their sponsored drivers doing their thing. Here’s a pretty cool video of NOB Taniguchi slamming around his Aristo, I’m also going to assume that this car is fitted with an HKS Racing BOV? I’m such a ricer!


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  1. That picture you have is not the HKS racing bov. I had an old HKS racing bov on my supra. It was very simple and plain looking. Nothing like the picture you have. It was not based on the ssqv type bov. It sounded like any other bov but it fluttered a lot, which sounds cool but I also hear that the flutter isn’t very good for the turbo.

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