Axcent Aero

One of my favorite current D1GP cars is the ST Garage Lexus IS. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the new IS until I saw the ST Garage drift car.

There’s a lot of different elements that come together and make this a sweet car. I’m a big fan of 4-doors and prefer them to coupes any day, so to see a 4-door like this compete in D1GP is really cool. I initially thought the aero for this car was by Do-Luck because they sponsor the car, but it’s actually from a company I’ve never heard of, Axcent.

Axcent is big on Toyotas and offers aero options for a number of Toyota models including the JZX100 and the Lexus IS pictured above. It’s the same kit on the ST Garage drift car, minus the bubble fenders and rear diffuser. I must say, it’s a really nice aero kit. It definitely takes the luxury looks of the IS and makes them sportier.

If I had a big pile of money I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up an IS, get some Axcent aero, weld on some bubble fenders, and drop in a built 2JZ.



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