Subaru @ Hellaflush

I missed out on Hellaflush III last weekend because I’m still in SoCal, but it looked like another great meet. I’m really pumped that the dudes at Fatlace know what’s up. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is, just to see pictures of a proper car meet with tasteful, daily-driven cars. From what I can tell Subarus dominated the show, surprisingly. Here’s some of my favorites from last weekend, photo credits go to adizon.

Here’s an Evo that really stood out to me. That rear flare is flawless.

I think it’s safe to say that the Subaru community has had a huge resurgence in the past year or so. So many people are rocking Subarus again and I think there’s a couple reasons behind that. First off the economy is still in the tank and no one can make any money trying to sell their cars right now. That’s kept a lot of the Subaru guys who were ready to move on from doing it. It’s always the cheaper alternative to keep the car you got and build it, than to start from scratch with something new. Secondly, Evos are played out right now. I love Evos and I’d still love to own one but let’s be honest, Evos are the new Imprezas. I see more of them on the road now than I see Subarus and in the never-ending quest to be different people are going back to their import roots, Subarus. I was disappointed to see a lack of GC or bugeye presence at Hellaflush III, I’d like to change that at some point with my own car.




    1. yea i saw those cars on the net, i just wish there were some sedans there like kwinskiis and mannslayers cars. i keep having to tell myself that hellaflush was not a performance meet but a bling meet. i was like “wheres all the fast cars at?” haha!

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