There’s a few shops in Japan that can turn a car’s engine bay into art. The shops that come to mind immediately are Top Secret, Sui Vax, and Weld. I first heard about Johnny Ito and Weld back in 2006 when they were trying to break into the US tuning market with their S14 time attack car. I started looking up their cars and seeing them in Japanese car magazines and I always really admired Weld’s craftsmanship.

Johnny Ito is truly an artist, he doesn’t just bolt on parts, he creates these cars from his imagination as functioning work’s of art. For me Weld is the king of engine bays. They started the whole “shaved and tucked” look in Japanese tuning as far as I’m concerned.

Everything has a purpose. If it doesn’t, it’s removed. Like the rest of Japanese culture, simplicity is beauty.

This is the engine bay of Weld’s red JZX100 which was specially built for the owner who’s in a wheelchair. That engine bay is just flawless.


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