Jerry’s Dogs

Tried a new place for dinner tonight, Jerry’s Dogs. I’m a big hot dog connoisseur so anytime someone suggests a good place, I have to try it out. This is probably the best hot dog I’ve had in all of California. People from LA like to recommend Pink’s but I think Jerry’s better, Pink’s is all hype anyway. All-beef hot dogs, wood-fired, in a natural casing, they taste as good as they sound. There’s a ton of topping options, I went Chicago-style with one and on the other, kraut and mustard. Jerry’s does great homemade potato chips and at every table there’s a bucket of peanuts, definitely my kind of place.



  1. The “Chicago” style seems to be lacking color. And it should be chopped raw onion, not grilled, and there needs to be relish. Come to Chicago once and we’ll go to the big three:

    Wiener Circle
    Hot Doug’s

    1. as i was typing that post i was thinking “earl is going to have something to say about this” haha. i know the onions are supposed to be raw, the relish bright green, the bun poppy seed, and the dog vienna beef. ive been to chicago a few times but ive only eaten dogs at portillos. i definitely need to try hot dougs next time im in town though, especially after seeing them all over tv.

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