Speedhunter Awards, Part II

Voting has continued to take place for the best cars of 2009 on Speedhunters. Now that some new categories have been announced, let’s take a look at my votes.

Demo Car Of The Year

This was a really hard category with lots of great cars to choose from. For me the decision came pretty quickly once I saw the Ericsson M3 nominated. Ericsson’s demo car represents a scene that is fast-growing in Japan, imports. Many of the Japanese have moved on from their own domestic cars to European cars and with shops like Studie AG and Ruah-Welt, it’s easier than ever to build an import that’s just as powerful and stylish as the Japanese domestics. The Ericsson M3 has to be one of the cleanest Euros I’ve ever seen (JDM or not), love this car.

Professional Drift Car Of The Year

Above all else, drift cars have to be cool. It doesn’t matter how powerful they are, all that matters is how the look and sound going sideways. With competition littered in RX7’s and Silvia’s it’s so awesome to see a car like the Ridox Aristo competing. Even though Orido and his Toyota haven’t had the greatest season in D1, this remains one of my favorite cars in the series. A gigantic saloon like the Aristo really has no business going sideways, but that 2JZ power plant says otherwise. Orido is always in high spirits regardless of how well he’s doing and he definitely rocks his car harder than anyone in D1.

Time Attack Car Of The Year

I thought the demo car category was tough, that was nothing compared to choosing time attack of the year. This category was littered with absolutely insane cars from the US and abroad. A few years back it would have been limited to Japanese builds but recently the British and Americans have been building their own monsters that would definitely give the Japanese a run for their money. Typically with time attack, I get most excited about the Subarus. Maybe because I drive one, I have my loyalties. I decided to vote for the Team Tarzan Tomei/Cusco STi. Mitsubishi purists, don’t deny the badge, this thing is no slouch. When you have the best engine builder and aero companies in the world coming together to do a car, watch out. The Tomei/Cusco STi was built to be a Cyber Evo killer and even though it didn’t defeat it this time, Tarzan and his STi placed third overall at Tsukuba this month. Once all the kinks are worked out, I’d be willing to bet this thing could be the new king.

More to come.


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