GRB Steering Wheel Options

One of the biggest complaints I hear about Subarus are their huge steering wheels. My bugeye WRX has an enormous OEM steering wheel. It’s supposedly designed by MOMO but I have my doubts that they just stuck the sticker on there to give it a sportier look. The easy fix is to install an aftermarket steering wheel, but lets be honest, unless you’re running a 5-point harness it’s just plain dangerous to rock an aftermarket wheel. So then the question remains, safety or better steering response?

The guys over at K2 Gear have come up with a solution. This replacement wheel for the GRB STi is the perfect compromise for safety, driver convenience, and size. The wheel shaves off about 20mm around providing for sharper turning response. It also keeps the factory airbags and car controls, which you typically loose going aftermarket.

If K2 Gear isn’t your thing, then check out this other option from Prova. The circumference of this wheel has also been decreased for response and reupholstered with bits of alcantara. Eventually I’d like to go aftermarket when I get a seat and harness but these are some great options for GRB owners desiring a more OEM-inspired look.


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