Wan Chai Computer Center

One of the cool things about shopping in Hong Kong is that department stores are few and far between. Instead you get mega malls catering to one type of good, like electronics. One of the best places in the city to get computers, cameras, and video games is Wan Chai Computer Center.

Computer Center can be tough to find if you don’t know where to go (get off the MTR at Wan Chai, use exit A4, entrance is to your left). Once inside you’re greeted to 2 floors of electronics stores ranging from computer components to digital video and photography.

They’ve basically got everything you’d want, including a fair share of knockoffs.

I’m a Mac guy but for people into Windows and building computers, this is the best place in the city to fit your needs.

Coming to Wan Chai Computer Center is definitely an experience. The halls are very narrow and crowded with all kinds of people elbowing through. There’s lots of different things to see and the ability to actually hold and use your product before purchase is a nice change from the glass cases and cages in American stores like Best Buy.


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