2010 Blogroll Additions

I like to keep my blogroll relatively small. I’m not into adding every single person that’s into cars like it’s Facebook. When someone gets on the blogroll it’s either because they’ve shown me great support or I enjoy reading their blogs daily. Since it’s a new year and everyone has been thanking each other for the support and inspiration I thought I’d add to my list.


I’ve mentioned Freddy’s blog before. He’s always been cool with supporting A Class and being an avid reader. Freddy must be a member on every car forum on the internet because he finds more pictures to post than any other blog and it’s always stuff I haven’t seen yet.

The Perfect Exposure

The Perfect Exposure is basically at every car function that happens between Los Angeles and San Diego. Great photography and great event coverage.

Jason’s Grain Of Salt

Been peeping this blog for a long time now. Good write-ups and like Freddy’s blog, tons of cool pictures and cars I’ve never seen before.

The Ku Cars

I stumbled across The Ku Cars back in November. Nice mix of Euro and JDM-related write-ups.

Hopefully 2010 will see the start of some new blogs and the continued growth of all our favorites.



  1. Thanks Chris for taking the time to read my blog.

    Have a great 2010 and beyond.

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