Remember These Guys?

As far as I was concerned Aqua used to be the shit. I remember watching them compete against the AP Boss Impreza on Option and I was sold. I used to really want their body kit for the ’06 STi (if I ever got one). They used to build really cool demo cars with lots of HKS parts. For me that was kind of the golden age of fast, dominant Subarus in Japan. I guess some things went down financially and Aqua is no longer around. I have my assumptions they were another company that couldn’t compete against all the knockoff crap coming out of China. It’s a real shame.

The Bozz Speed Impreza is another car I used to drool over. I did a write-up on it a couple months back. It was for sale at one point and now I believe it’s privately owned. This car is one of the greats.


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