Until Next Time

One last view of the South China Sea before my departure. It’s 9 am Monday morning in Hong Kong and I’m getting ready to make my trip back home. My flight leaves at 2 pm Monday afternoon and lands at SFO at 10 am Monday morning. I’m actually going back in time 4 hours, crazy how that works. I never really get jet lag coming to Asia, but going back to the US is another story. I’m sure I’ll be hurting around dinner time on Monday. Anyway, great trip to Hong Kong (as usual), not sure when I’ll be back, hopefully sooner rather than later.



  1. Hey, safe travels. Just wanted to say I really am diggin’ your blog lately. It’s on my google blog reader and it has helped me in my decision to buy a WRX in a couple months. Keep the great Suby inspirations coming.

    1. That’s awesome! I’m glad I was able to sway your decision! Let me know how you like the Subaru once you get it! 😀

  2. Will do! Actually going to go pick up a custom machined ss shift knob for $30 from a local ’08 STi owner. Just gotta pick up the suby first. ha ha

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