Black Magic: Part II

After making my last post on some clean black Subarus, I realized I left quite a few off the list. I decided to dig up some of my other favorites from the past.

I always thought this car was really mean. The rare Aqua body and (then) aggressive fitting Volk RE30s gained this STi a lot of attention on the forums.

For those of you familiar with the Brainchild Customs bugeye, it used to be black and I think better looking. This thing is full of one-off Turbo XS parts.

I love Voltex but I’m a Zero/Sports fanboy and this is the best kit they ever made.  This STi looks great wingless with TE37s.

The OG black Subaru; Dan Avon’s GT35R-powered bugeye WRX. I rode in this car back when he was running a stock block and tranny with a GT30R, it was so quick!


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