Morning In Photos

Stopped by my friend Sumner’s place this morning to talk photography and drink coffee. Decided to get the old D80 warmed up again after a long hiatus.

This cat has been coming around Sumner’s patio lately. We call him Bob.

Under construction.

The Nikon 50mm f/1.8 is such a fun lens to play with.

My friend Sumner; photographer, coffee connoisseur, great guy.

It’s exciting to be shooting again. I’m really thinking about doing one of those “photo-a-day” challenges. I think it would be a great motivation to get back into taking pictures constantly. What do you guys think?

Bonus shot of the WRX after a quick wash yesterday afternoon.



  1. Nice, D80. We have the D90. Love it. I’m still learning this stuff. That lense is a “nifty fifty” right? ha ha

    Please, yes, do a photo a day. Would be cool!

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