New Beginnings

A lot of people are upset about Ken Block’s move to Ford. Although I’m not the biggest Ford fan, I can totally see why he did it. Subaru was great for a time and they really helped Block achieve world-wide fame but they were only in a position to allow his career  reach a certain level. By signing with Ford, Block will be able to compete in the World Rally Championship and ultimately take his career to the next level. This is a disappointing outcome for Subaru fans but a great one for Ken Block fans. I think he’ll do really well with Ford.



  1. Does that mean there’s hope for the Focus RS to make it stateside? Based on the fact that he’s campaigning the Fiesta in the X Games means it probably won’t happen soon. Hopefully he’ll help the US gain interest in WRC so eventually we’ll get a US stage…I’m thinking Monument Valley. Or does the FIA remember the bad taste left from the US GP?

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