Level Of Maturity

Few shops are focusing on time attack builds with Subarus. I’m sure it has to do with the wide variety of cars to choose from and the fact that heavily built Imprezas tend to be some of the least reliable cars on the track. Of the shops using Subarus, even few go with the bugeye which wasn’t very popular amongst the Japanese. Mature doesn’t seem to care though. Their bugeye demo car has been around for years and is rocking one of the rarest body kits out there.



  1. So, in general, why isn’t the suby considered a reliable time attack platform? Is it the aluminum block and open deck block (not sure if jdm engines have closed deck?)? Compared to the iron block of the 4g63.
    I wish there were more tuners who went all out with the suby chassis’. Seems like the usa tuners use it more than the japanese. UK seems to go suby for time attack a good bit too…

    1. Subarus definitely have a major cult status in the UK. I think a lot of that can be attributed to how popular rallying is in Europe. I think Subarus are popular in the US because we just don’t have the options the Japanese do as far as platforms go. The main reason they’re not reliable is because the block is an open deck and they have weak sleeves. Going with a fully-built motor is basically a must when doing a track build. When built correctly though, the Impreza has proven itself just as, if not more capable than most of it’s competition including the Evo.

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