Like An Evo, But Not

The Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 is basically like an old school Evo. The 4G63 was eventually moved from the VR-4 to the Evo. With WRC roots this car is kind of a special one to own.

I’ve known about this VR-4 for a while now. It was at some point the fastest in the US, could still be. I love the simple, boxy looks; very old school JDM.

The green and bronze is nice color combo for the VR-4.

My friend Nat has a VR-4. It currently sits as a shell in his garage. There used to be really big plans for the car, including a fully-built 4G63 and GT40R. Some disputes with the shop he was using and a lack of funds have kind of stopped the project indefinitely. I would have loved to have seen the car finished but I don’t think it’ll ever happen. Nat’s already moved on to the G35 community. Funny how car projects work. Sometimes they take so long you don’t even like the car you’re building anymore.

The 6th generation is the most popular body for these cars and the JDM front bumper is a must. I really like this car, it’s got such common looks but they’re so uncommon. Black with white wheels is a nice look, pretty flush too!


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