I used to want a Lexus SC300 so bad. It was supposed to be my next project after the Subaru. In the last couple years though I’ve drifted away from the idea, especially since Ueno traded in his for a BMW (lame). Anyway, here are some clean Soarers I’ve always kept around as inspiration for the build that probably won’t happen.

I always thought the Soarer was better looking than the Supra, it’s closest family member.

Fitment on this one is spot on. I would have built mine similar except with a Vertex Ridge kit.

Surprisingly, Work CR Kais look really good on this car.

I’ve seen a ton of SC300s in and around Orange County. Most of them go for more of a VIP look; I prefer more of a performance/drift look. Who knows, maybe I’ll still end up with one at some point. A built 2JZ and T04Z swap sounds pretty fun right about now.


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