Bozz Speed Imprezas: Part II

For Tokyo Auto Salon in 2002 Bozz Speed debuted their new demo car, a Subaru Impreza STi Spec C.

Compared to their previous GC STi, this Spec C was pretty tame. Not too much done to the exterior outside of the basics.

The addition of a GT-style rear spoiler helps with downforce and increased handling.

Advan RCIIs are true classics. I’d never run them on my WRX today but they look perfect on the Bozz and Zero/Sports cars.

When this car debuted, little was changed under the hood with the exception of a front mount intercooler. This car never saw too much competition because the following year Bozz started using their more famous ’03 Spec C for time attack. A cool car nonetheless in a long line of Imprezas tuned by Bozz Speed. More to come.


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