Bozz Speed Imprezas

For me, being able to find inspiration in other cars is really important. I think everyone should know the roots and the history of the car they drive. Without designers, engineers, drivers, and tuning shops, our scene wouldn’t exist. Lately I’ve been obsessed with looking back on older Subarus. Whether they be race cars, show cars, or privately owned, it’s exciting for me to be able to research them and figure out why they were and still are so cool. Bozz Speed is one of those shops I’ve been mentioning a lot lately. Their Spec C time attack car has always been one of my favorites. But what came before that? How did Bozz gain the knowhow to build their famous Spec C? Well let’s take a look through some of their older demo cars.

Bozz Speed Impreza STi v6.5

Let me start off by apologizing for the pictures. They were taken 10 years ago, so quality isn’t the best. I did what I could on Photoshop. Anyway this is the Bozz Speed Impreza STi. If anything, this car is pretty tame by today’s standards. The era of insane, wind tunnel tested body kits hadn’t really started yet.

I really like this car. It’s clean and simple. The front bumper is very reminiscent of the style trends of 2000 when this car debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Advan RGs and Alcon brakes, not a bad combination. Most Subaru time attack cars ran RGs back in the early 2000s including the JUN Super Lemon Impreza.

Pretty standard interior. No dog box or paddle shifters, most of the trim has been kept including the original seat belts. The red buckets and blue Willans harnesses are a nice combo.

A Trust T67 turbine boosts the 2.2L built motor. Output for this car is around 400 HP. Most of the daily driven amenities have been kept in this car which makes it very street friendly.

Bozz Speed Impreza STi v6.5 (Revised)

Rather than build a new demo car, Bozz Speed revised their STi v6.5 for Tokyo Auto Salon in 2001.

Most of the exterior remained the same for 2001 with the addition of bubble fenders and a new rear bumper.

Some new performance parts also made their way onto the car including an N1-style titanium exhaust.

The interior was also kept the same for the most part. I’m loving that gauge cluster.

One of the big changes under the hood came from a new GT2835R turbine. I’m going to assume Bozz was looking for a quicker spooling setup for more response on the track.

There’s more Bozz Speed Imprezas to come, stay tuned.


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