Bozz Speed Imprezas: Part III

This will probably be the last post I make on Bozz Speed Imprezas, unless they make another one. I’ve been searching all over the internet for decent pictures of this car. It’s kind of been a months long ordeal. I’ve really wanted to make a proper post about this car for ages because it’s one of my favorites. Google image search essentially gave me nothing, as did all the Japanese car sites I regularly use. I filtered through a number of car forums and came up empty handed. Today I was looking on Dino Dalle Carbonare’s old J-Style blog on the GTROC and magically came across the pictures I was looking for. The pictures are great but they’re very small. I guess beggars can’t be choosers, so bare with me.

Many people would say this car isn’t very pretty. I think it’s the perfect representation of speed, handling, and lack of concern for anything else. The Bozz Speed Impreza started as a typical (but fast) STi Spec C Type-RA, but after the knowhow and tried and true methods for achieving optimum performance from their previous Imprezas, the engineers at Bozz were able to go wild with this car. During it’s heyday it was one of the fastest cars Tsukuba Circuit.

The gigantic front and rear spoilers help this car cut tight into the corners. The front end was specially developed by the engineers at Bozz.

The interior has been stripped of all creature comforts. The Spec C is already pretty sparse from the factory but Bozz took the opportunity to further lighten the car. I think the custom Defi gauge cluster is pretty cool setup. It keeps all the gauges uniform throughout the car.

The performance of the Bozz Speed Impreza is very impressive. The engineers built the motor to a 2.5L with forged pistons and a Prodrive 6-speed transmission. It’s boosted by an HKS GT3037 turbine making around 550 HP. This power in conjunction with it’s lightened body and serious aero is why this thing is so quick around Tsukuba.

This was the final Impreza built by Bozz Speed. It was sold to a private owner a few years back. The shop has put more of an emphasis on Evos lately and are still competing with a tuned Evo IX. This does it for my coverage on Bozz Speed Imprezas. Hope you guys aren’t too over it. Now I’m going to stop posing Speedhunters and resume to normal service. Photos courtesy of Dino Dalle Carbonare.


One comment

  1. Any idea on that wheel size choice? Looks to be a staggered wheel setup, wider in front with same size tires all around obviously, giving the front more response and bite I presume? What do you think of running this setup on the street? It would definitely be different. 🙂 Nice Bozz posts!
    Who is the top 1 or 2 Impreza tuners in japan in 2010? Seems like there’s not tons of love? Tarzan’s blue on white Tomei(?) suby is the only big name one I can think of currently?

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