TAS ’10 Early Coverage

To me the most important car show of the year is happening this weekend, Tokyo Auto Salon. TAS is where all of the industry big shots will debut their latest and greatest for 2010. The last couple years have been more subdued because of the failing economy and I expect to see a similar trend this year, Mine’s isn’t participating for example.

This is nuts, a Hakosuke GTR front end swap on a Nissan Stagea! The show doesn’t open until Friday but if you’re looking for some early coverage, head over to The Real JDM. The guys at Bulletproof Automotive will be providing their coverage of the event all weekend long.

GT-RR also has coverage of all the latest Nissan GTR demo cars and parts from TAS this year. I’m really happy more shops are starting to play with the GTR, including Original Runduce. Their demo car with Varis is looking really good. I would expect nothing less from the shop who’s built some of the cleanest Imprezas and Evos ever. I can’t wait to check out more of TAS over the next couple days.


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