A Few More From TAS ’10

I’ve spent the better part of today looking at pictures from Tokyo Auto Salon. Maybe next year I’ll have the chance to be there in person. My friends and I have been talking about doing it for ages, it’s time we did it. There’s been all kinds of great coverage from the show, Jay sent me some awesome links to check out earlier. Here’s a few cars that stood out to me from the show.

The R Magic RX8 is starting to look really good to me. I like that more Mazda tuners are starting to put more attention into the RX8. It’ll never be as good as the RX7 but moving forward is always good in this industry.

Classic Nissan Skyline RS. The car’s FJ20 engine is making 750 HP.

Speaking of Skylines, here is the new Tommy Kaira GTR. This was one of the most anticipated cars to debut at TAS this year. Surprisingly enough, I kind of like this car!

For me Varis has been taking things to a new level lately. I can’t think of any other aero parts manufacturer where I like every one of their designs. This Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is no exception. Looks menacing in black. I’d rock one of these as a daily driver in a second.

European cars have had an increasingly larger presence with every TAS that passes. I really liked this GT3 RS, super clean.

This Lexus IS by Kazama Auto has gotten a lot of attention at the Rays Engineering booth this year. I’m not sure how I feel about this car. I’d like to see it without all the graphics.

I’m saving one of the best for last. My all time favorite RX7 FD by Fujita Engineering. This car just oozes style, it’s also sporting a new pair of shoes, matte black Advan RS-D. They’re definitely the best looking wheels this car has ever had. Matte black wheels have been another style trend that has gotten very popular in the last year. I suspect it’ll continue to grow in 2010.

Photos from this post and my last one with the Subarus of TAS are courtesy of Car Watch.


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