Subarus At TAS ’10

Based on what I’ve seen so far, not the biggest Subaru turn out ever at Tokyo Auto Salon. The GRB is definitely showing strong in Japan. Seems like most tuners have warmed up to the wagon body.

Let’s start off with this horrid Itasha-styled WRX wagon. Looks like the Otaku-inspired car trend has infiltrated the halls of TAS this year.

Subaru Team Arai rally car.

I’m surprised Syms is still coming out with new body kits for the Impreza. I haven’t been a fan of their stuff for a long time.

Aside from the wheels, I’m loving this Prodrive GRB with Varis aero.

Speaking of Varis, here’s their collaboration car with Original Runduce. This is probably the best looking GRB of the whole show and of the year.

Finally to finish things off with the new Impreza STi R205. This car is the continuation of the previous S204 version of the STi. Should be pretty fast with all kinds of rare, expensive interior uprgrades. It’s available in Japan only, figures.

That’s it for Subarus at TAS for now, we’ll see what else comes down the pipeline in the next couple days.



    1. Other than the Car Service Hiro GDB, I didn’t see anything. I’m kind of shocked they’ve diminished in popularity so fast. I don’t think the Team Tarzan Impreza was there either.

  1. I actually like the Prodrive wheels on that white GRB. I saw them in gunmetal on a Legacy and they were even nicer. They look better from the side than they do at the angle in the picture here.

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