TAS ’10 Recap, Kinda?

Well it’s Sunday morning and that means Tokyo Auto Salon has closed it’s doors until next year. I’m still finding all kinds of coverage on the internet including some great stuff at Nori Yaro and RE-Xtreme. Now I could be wrong because I’m only going based on articles and pictures, but I was surprised that Top Secret, Mine’s, and T&E were all no shows, with the exception of the new T&E S15 at the Advan booth. Another shop that didn’t seem to have a big presence was HKS.

HKS did have their Kansai Service GRB on display rocking a crap Seibon hood. You’d think one of the biggest tuners in the world would be able to source a better hood for their demo car? On the other hand, I do like the new Advan RG-Ds on the car. I think Yokohama and Rays have noticed how big the wheel game has gotten both domestically and abroad because I’m noticing more new designs than ever from both manufacturers.

Rays Engineering always shows up with hordes of new designs, this year was no exception.

To the left, the new T&E S15. Looks like Ueno has been busy working on some new body kits for his Vertex line. That is one of the cleanest Silvias I’ve seen in a while.

Advan appears to be more focused on breaking into the low offset, lots of lip look with some of their newer designs like the RS-D and RG-D. Advan also plans to release some forged models in the near future.

One of the things I noticed this year was less of an emphasis on drift cars. In years past it was apparent how much drifting ran the scene but in 2010 I saw a lot more interest in classic Japanese cars and track builds. Lots of grip cars were on display at TAS this year, illustrating the shifting trends of the industry. I’m more of a grip man myself so I like to see time attack and togue coming back into popularity.

Overall it seemed like another good show this year. Who knows what’s to come for 2011? I’ve heard rumors about Mitsubishi’s Evo XI going hybrid, wouldn’t put it past them. The Subaru Impreza is also do for another facelift. I expect to see a lot more shops getting serious with the GTR in 2010. Judging by the presence it had this year, more tuners seem to be warming up to the car. Anyway, another good show, we’ll see what’s up for next year.



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