They Do Evos Too

In case anyone still cares, Bozz Speed has made some pretty quick Evos over the years.

Their Lancer Evo VI demo car.

Here’s the shop’s current Evo IX demo car. This is what replaced their Impreza Spec C a few years back.



  1. Bozz Speed evo 6, I think this was the beast that Sport Compact Car featured back in the day. I remember the description of the 1 lap, amazing!!! Their new evo9 doesn’t have quite the presence, at least from this picture.

    1. Oh it for sure doesn’t have the presence of the Evo VI. They didn’t even try to do anything with the body. I think it’s moderately quick but nothing like the 550 HP Spec C they used to run. I think the shop was having some financial troubles and that’s why they sold the Subaru in the first place.

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