Catching Some Rays

L-Schlegs’ GRB catching some rays at the beach.

If I could pick the best Subarus of 2009, this would have to be one of the top contenders. When the GRB STi first came out, I hated it. I was never the biggest wagon fan but the GRB just made me cringe. I really thought it was the end of an era for Imprezas. Slowly though, GRB builds started popping up. Some of them actually turned out to be really legit. L-Schlegs’ STi was one of those builds. His car is kind of the reason I changed my view on these things. Really well done, an all around great Impreza. I look forward to what’s in store for this car.



  1. Must say he was one of the first people to start building the grb’s and I always knew that these cars had potentional and that people needed to have some imagination haha. He proved it.

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