Esprit Supra

Most people know of Esprit for their insane Honda NSX, but they do other cars too. Their JZA80 Supra has long been one of my favorites.

Esprit has a thing about white on white cars, I like it.

This is one of the nicer wide body kits I’ve seen for the JZA80. It’s pretty simple by Supra standards and it looks current even in 2010. I really like the bubble fenders integrated into the lines of the side skirts and front bumper.

Big opening for an enormous intercooler core. The only thing I could do without on this car are the headlight covers. I see less and less Supras these days. They were never that common on the roads in the US but even in Japan it seems fewer shops are working on them. I think they’re still a great looking car with unlimited potential.


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