PentRoof R34 GTR

Many of you will probably recognize the PentRoof R34 GTR from Tokyo Auto Salon this past weekend. It was one of the cars featured in the 20 years of RB26 tuning booth.

White has always been my favorite color on the R34. Z-Tune aero and Volk TE37s help to complete the look.

Lately I’ve really started to notice how “dated” the R34 GTR is starting to look. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still my favorite car of all time. It’s just starting to show it’s age. Long gone are the days of radical air vents and sharp, boxy corners in automotive design. Today we’ve become obsessed with pedestrian safety (not a bad thing) and it’s really starting to show with styling of later model cars.

The interior retains all the usual driver comforts. I visited NISMO HQ in Tokyo a few years back and I was shocked at the number of different gauge clusters available for the R34 GTR. Being someone who’s interested in that sort of thing, I really like the white gauges on this NISMO cluster. The NISMO steering wheel is also a nice OEM touch.

Under the hood, the car’s RB26 is fitted with an HKS V Cam and Sard 1000cc injectors. The engine is boosted by Trust T78-33D turbine. I love how the color white has been integrated onto the engine’s valve cover as well. It’s the little details that I always seem to appreciate most.



  1. I very like Skyline R34 of your . Someday I Will work with your . And Made this R34 batter .

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