Phoenix’s Power R34 GTR

Phoenix’s Power has had a long history with the Toyota MR2, but they’re really a one-stop shop for cars of all makes. I was browsing their site earlier and came across this black R34 GTR.

Phoenix’s is known for their gaudier styles when it comes to body kits. This R34 is rather tame and although it’s not my favorite front end I’ve ever seen, it looks pretty mean.

Yet another example of how BBS LMs are the ultimate wheel. Like Volk CE28Ns and TE37s, it’s really hard for any car not to look good wearing them.

Stance and fitment of this car is pretty spot on. The duel exhaust in the rear is a nice touch.

Judging by this racing fuel setup in the trunk, you know this R34 GTR has got to be pretty quick.

The car’s RB26 has been tuned on the HKS F-Con V Pro. The Trust T78 turbine contributes to the 700 HP this Skyline is putting out. Plus you know if it’s tuned by Phoenix’s Power it’s most likely going to be completely smog and emissions legal. If a shop can build cars this fast and keep them street legal, I’m definitely onboard.



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