Black Lagoon

I’m not an anime guy by any means. I watch Initial D and Wangan Midnight, but what JDM freak doesn’t? There’s only one other anime I’ve watched and been a really big fan of, Black Lagoon. My friend Alex got me hooked on Black Lagoon a few years back and recently I’ve been re-watching it. Black Lagoon follows the lives of a band of mercenaries and their exploits in the South China Sea, it’s only 2 seasons and very violent. Alex was also telling me it didn’t do the greatest in Japan because it’s too “western”. Meaning the characters and story lines are more tailored to a non-Japanese audience. I’ve heard rumors of a 3rd season of Black Lagoon in the making. I really hope that’s true cause it’s a great series.



  1. if you like black lagoon you’ll really dig cowboy bebop. wouldn’t recommend bleach and naruto though coz they’re complete different from black lagoon. don’t get me wrong they’re great, but they fall into a completely different sub-genre. they feature more of swordplay and magic stuff whilst black lagoon and cowboy bebop’s story are more about bounty hunting and such.

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