Varis Obsession

I think we can all agree that Varis has been killing it lately. I’m going to step out on a limb here and even say that they outshone Voltex at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. The thing I love about Varis is their ability to evolve. As a brand it’s always important to stay ahead of the trends and push new boundaries.

Up in the mountains outside of Tokyo, in Kanagawa prefecture is where Varis’ shop is located. It’s a surprisingly secluded location with just enough space to show off some of their latest demo cars.

Two versions of the GDB Impreza sporting Varis aero. The quality of this picture isn’t great but the idea it portrays is pretty epic; taken on one of the mountain passes surrounding the shop.

When I first saw the Varis aero for the bugeye, I wasn’t feeling it. Over the years it’s grown on me and today I think it’s one of the few, better aero options still available for the bugeye. Back in the day there were so many options for this car. Now I’m almost starting to feel like I drive a vintage car because parts are becoming increasingly harder to find.

Varis is one of the few aero parts manufacturers to make kits for every version of the Impreza since the original GC8.

Their kit for the Original Runduce GRB was as good as it gets, until I saw what they had designed for the new GTR. There are some cool front lip choices for the GTR but this one as a full body kit takes the cake.

Varis’ designers have managed to create a look that’s both classy and aggressive, not an easy feat. That rear wing does wonders for the looks of the GTR.


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