Broadfield’s 240SX

Most of the Subaru community is littered with high school punks. I know we were all there once but it’s a shame how the community is overruled by them. Everyone’s trying to go HellaFlush on their WRX with some Rotas from Wheeldude. You know the type of person. There’s probably one living down the street from you. Yeah, we were definitely all there once. Anyway, back in the day Subarus were more on the expensive side so it meant there was a different type of person driving them. Toby Broadfield was one of those guys. When I first got involved with the community in 2004, Toby had one of the cleanest STi’s in the country. The upmost attention to detail and only the finest parts were allowed their spot on his car.

Whenever I think of the Cusco front lip, Toby’s STi comes to mind. It was ahead of it’s time, one of the pioneers of ultra-clean styling in the Subaru community. Toby was driving a white STi back when WRB was the default color and no one would think of rocking white in the states. This car wasn’t HellaFlush or slammed, it was just simple and clean. All the punks at your high school with WRX’s that look just like this one should know about Toby’s car, it was one of the pioneers.

It’s been a while since Toby owned the STi. He sold it to another owner who kept it relatively the same with the exception of some different wheels and a few power upgrades. Toby himself moved onto a 1992 Nissan 240SX with an S15 SR20 swap. Knowing the type of enthusiast Toby is, you would expect his 240SX to be one of the highest caliber, and it is.

Funny enough, the exterior of Toby’s 240SX is the least interesting part of the car. Staggered Work VS-KF’s and custom white painted StopTech brakes are the only noticeable exterior addition (to the untrained eye). Everything is kept clean and simple, just like his STi. I like the fitment on this 240SX. It’s aggressive, not insane and it suits the rest of the car really well.

Under the hood comes something more unexpected, a very serious power plant. The SR20 came installed in the car when purchased but a considerable amount of work has been done to the engine and supporting modifications since the car came into Toby’s ownership. For being a daily driven car with all the amenities intact, the engine bay is immaculate. Unfortunately I don’t know the facts and figures of this setup, but by the looks of it I can assume this 240SX is no slouch.

With Toby’s cars, it’s all about the little details and this pristine interior is full of them. The custom Bride upholstered glove box lid, shift boot, and door cards help to integrate the Low Max Stradia seats with the rest of the interior. OEM meters and gauges are non-existent on this car.

The factory cluster has been replaced with a custom piece housing the appropriate Defi gauges. With the absence of a speedometer, Toby uses Defi-Link VSD X (HUD) custom mounted into the steering column. The fuel gauge has also been replaced by a digital readout mounted just behind the e-brake handle. A Nardi steering wheel and custom roll cage round out the rest of the interior.

Toby’s cars have served as an inspiration for my build for a number of years. I’m sure the guys over on the Nissan forums love his 240SX as much as all the i-Club and NASIOC guys drooled over his STi back in the day. It’s rare to come across privately-owned cars like this one. Toby has a Fotki with tons of pictures chronicling his 240SX build. You guys should all head over there and check out some to the car’s interior details alone, it’s quite impressive.



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